51 Super Bowls

51st Super Bowl with all the bells and whistles as opposed to the first one, Green Bay vs. Kansas City with no frills.  I was a Sophmore at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville for that game. I thought that Kansas City didn’t have a chance, and I was right.  Green Bay controlled the whole game.  I watched it in the dormitory with friends.  Even back then everybody was into it. In 1966 they didn’t have liquor by the drink in Tennessee, and it was a Sunday, so no drinking.  In those days too people were listening to it on their radios-no big parties.

When the AFL merged with the NFL, the NFL had twice as much talent as the AFL and it took three years for the AFL to win the Super Bowl.  That was 1968.  Jets won over Baltimore.  Joe Namath was the Jets QB and Johnny Unitas was the Colts QB.

In the beginning I was a National Conference fan because they had a great deal more talent than the American Conference, and I didn’t like how the AFL bragged that they could beat the NFC-Joe Namath acting like Donald Trump.  I favored Green Bay for quite a time.

1970 Baltimore vs. Dallas and I was stationed in Fort Polk, Louisiana.  The military took all the troops into an aircraft hangar and made us watch the game.  We were sitting on concrete benches, not fun.  Colts won.

Tonight we’re enjoying the game in the comfort of our home with a few friends and some good food.

Just some reflections from a Baby Boomer.





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